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Ndumiso is also a hilarious stand-up comedian with his stage name Ndu Mndayi. His love for comedy developed during his years in university which is where and when he started performing. His comedy is based on his deeply personal life experiences and his unique views of the world. Ndu has performed in many places including Gala Dinners, comedy shows, open mic events and music shows. He was an instant favourite and the comedy competition You Scheme You Got Jokes where he helmed the number one position on the first round.


He has performed alongside Jem Atkins and Mo Vawda. He continues to bring joy and laughter wherever he is. 

Photography has the power to capture moments in time and make them live forever. Ndumiso has a passion in photography and is not short of the skill. Photography is an art form that evokes many responses with just one frame. As a digital art major, he understands photography from the technical standpoint and as a fine art major he understands it from an artistic standpoint, making him a well-formed photographer. Photography is an art form that evokes many responses with just one frame.


Ndumiso can lend his cervices to anyone, from corporate to private clients. Ndumiso also does videography, to ensure people have their precious times and memories with them forever

Ndumiso Msomi

EsiKhaleni, KZN

South African

Video Editor, DoP  & Comedian

Videography & Performance

Known as: Ndu
Years active: 2012 - Present


Ndumiso Msomi is a multi-talented individual born & raised in KwaZulu-Natal in a small township called EsiKhaleni. He attended to primary and high school in the township before enrolling at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2016. 

As a lover of art studied Visual art, majoring in Fine Art and Digital art. Ndumiso graduated with his degree in 2018. In 2019 he furthered his studies, doing his Post-graduate Honours Degree in Media and Film. He graduated again in in 2020.06.

 As a lover of art, Ndumiso is passionate about cinema. From a young age, he has always been fascinated by movies and how they make it to our television screens. Everything about film is beautiful; from wardrobe to make up, from cinematography to editing, from writing to directing, it is all amazing. Ndumiso’s primary interest in film is in directing and editing.


He looks up from the great filmmakers of the past and the current new artists that bring beautiful stories to our screens. Ndumiso believes that through cinema he can tell unique human stories that bring us together while making use explore or even question the things around art. The purpose of art is not to state the obvious, but to shine light on what is hidden behind mundane human experiences. 


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Comedian & Video Artist


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Ndumiso Msomi - Digital Art Services

  • In charge of the overall look and feel of the movie or video project.

    5,500 South African rand
  • Composition, which involves lighting setup, camera angles and length.

    2,500 South African rand
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