Highest Engagement Challenge

Updated: Aug 31

Every month from May to October we see which artist manages to receive the most amount of "hearts for their art" on their profile every month.


Our August 2020 Winner. - Senthuri Pillai - The score is now level between Senthuri & Kirsten - With two more months left, anything can happen.

834 New Likes on the artist's profile this month.

1124 Total Hearts

25 images

44.9 Average Hearts on each image


Our July 2020 Winner. - Senthuri Pillai - The new artist has managed to disrupt the perfect run from Kirsten Deedz. Let's see if Senthuri can match the iMultimedia record of two challenge wins in back to back months. From the iMultimedia team, we would like to formally congratulate Senthuri for coming to the party.

290 New Likes on the artist's profile this month.


Our June 2020 Winner. - Kirsten "Deedz" Diedrick - You are not seeing double, the artist has managed to dominate the engagement challenge for two back to back months.

138 New Likes on the artist's profile this month.

We added a social media challenge that asked the artists to shoot their home setup and post it with the #MyDeskSetUp and #WorkingFromHome. The winner would be the artist with the most amount of likes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter combined to win an extra ZAR 1 100.


Our May 2020 Winner. - Kirsten "Deedz" Diedrick

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Artist Wins R 1100 in Cash.

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