Project Watch Creation: Instructional

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The project watch is for the purposes of keeping a digital record of completed projects..

Step 1 – Visit Website Backend

If you are not already logged in, on your internet browser, visit and log in using your email and username.

Step 1.1 – Create Blog

Navigate to the Blog tab on the right-hand menu, click Blog.

On the top right of the screen, click Create New Post

Step 1.2 – Add Content

Type the project watch headings Brand Name, Brand Owner, Brand Established date, Brand Location, etc.

Step 1.2.1

Click on the plus sign on the left margin to add images or videos.

Step 1.2.2

Click on Upload on the top left, then click on the Google Drive logo.

Step 1.2.3

Log in to the Google Drive and navigate to Projects and find a project folder to start adding the content inside it, to the website backend.

Then Click on Add to Page

Step 1..2.4

Using the information from the selected project you can fill in the Project Watch headings.

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